106 Group Interviewed for Wandering Naturalist Podcast

Recently, 106 Group’s Anne Ketz sat down with the hosts of the Wandering Naturalist podcast to share stories from the Shakopee region in the Minnesota River Valley and its people, past and present. The award-winning Wandering Naturalist podcast explores the natural and cultural history of the Three Rivers Park District and their surrounding communities. Over the past two decades, 106 Group has had the opportunity to work on a range of projects at The Landing in Shakopee, which is owned and managed by the Park District. Our conversation reflected on historical perspectives and archaeological findings that trace over 3,000 years of life along the banks of the Minnesota River. From the Dakota village of Tinta Otunwe to The Landing - Minnesota River Heritage Park, we share discoveries from this special place and concludes with responsibilities that archaeologists have in the 21st century.

Special thanks to the Wandering Naturalist podcast hosts Brandon Baker and Angela Grill for the chance to speak with you, and to Three Rivers Park District for creating this platform to share the stories of the natural world around us and the history of the people who came before us.

Listen to the interview here:
To learn more about archaeology, watch our film on A Day in the Life of an Archaeologist:
Anne Ketz
Anne is CEO and Services Director of 106 Group, a consulting company that specializes in cultural heritage planning. Anne has worked with a broad range of stakeholders, including Native Americans, community planners & leaders, and thought leaders to ensure respect for each community’s heritage within the planning process.