Who We Are

106 Group is an award-winning firm with a passion for history and culture. For over 30 years, we’ve developed innovative solutions to protect resources and uncover powerful stories.

Our Staff

CEO & Services Director
CFO & General Manager
Sr. Archaeologist
Sr. Interpretive Planner
Sr. Designer
Graphic Design Intern
Architectural Historian
Sr. Archaeologist/Bioarchaeologist
Archaeology Manager
Planning & Engagement Manager
Sr. Marketing & Tourism Specialist
Corporate Secretary & Business Manager
Sr. Archaeologist
Project Coordinator
Sr. GIS Analyst
History Manager
Project Coordinator
Marketing Manager
Sr. Archaeologist
Sr. Marketing Coordinator
Sr. Proposal Coordinator
Sr. Archaeologist
Interpretation & Design Manager
Sr. Operations Coordinator
Sr. Architectural Historian & Planner
Sr. Architectural Historian
GIS Analyst/Information Specialist

Our Partners

106 Group has numerous successful professional relationships with partners. Some of our relationships began many years ago and continue to hold strong today; others are more recent and provide fresh opportunities for collaboration. We work with these trusted partners as an integrated team to offer innovative, quality solutions to our clients.
Community-driven Interpretation, Exhibit Planning, and Design
Interactive Media and Graphic Design
Historic Architecture and Building Reuse Services
Historical Research and Community Engagement
Historical Illustration

Our Values

At 106 Group, our values guide and motivate all of our work; they reflect what is important to each one of us. The only thing we advocate for is a fair and open process. We are trustworthy and responsible, striving to provide the highest quality standards, scholarship, and designs. We do our utmost to be unbiased respecting all peoples and cultures.

Our Culture

106 Group believes that success depends on a culture that embraces teamwork and the free and open exchange of ideas. Such an environment inspires people to strive, innovate, and excel. We believe these values are the basis of an enduring organization that will help position us in the global community and provide us with ongoing challenges and successes.