Community Engagement from a Distance

Community engagement is a necessary, sometimes required, part of just about every project 106 Group does. In the midst of a pandemic, with necessary social distancing, many people are concerned that meaningful engagement may be lost. In our experience, this need not be true. When properly planned and resourced, a digital-first community engagement campaign can be as, or more, successful than traditional approaches.

Regine Kennedy, Planning and Engagement Manager at 106 Group, provides guidance and lessons learned from her experiences leading community engagement for large-scale cultural planning projects. Download and read her article at the link below. As always, feel free to reach out if you have questions.

Cover image of person holding megaphone provided by Mohamed Hassan via Pixabay.

Regine Kennedy

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Regine is a resourceful planner, facilitator, and project manager whose award-winning work includes community engagement, facilitation, interpretive planning, and exhibit development. She applies a keen attention to detail in every project, while never losing sight of the bigger picture. As a result, Regine empowers clients and their stakeholders to create meaningful and effective solutions that transform challenges into opportunities. She has effectively engaged a broad range of stakeholders, professionals, and communities.