Interpretation & Design

You have a story to tell. What can visitors experience?
Let’s imagine the possibilities.

Visitor Experience & Interpretive Planning

Our goal-driven process relies on partnership—you know your story best. Whether at a Site of Conscience or an ecological preserve, our focus remains constant: we build a solid foundation rooted in mission, values, and the unique needs of your audience. We also explore absent narratives and new perspectives. This is our blueprint—a plan to lead you to stronger, more relevant interpretation in the future.

Exhibit Planning & Design

From concept development to three-dimensional space, exhibit design is about getting to the core of your story and letting it shine. Exhibits are not classrooms or textbooks on the wall. Our aim is to create personal connections: creating a culture of inquiry, encouraging exploration, and getting visitors involved.

Waysides & Wayfinding

Wayside signage connects viewers with the landscape in front of them—both in the present and the past. Helping visitors navigate safely is crucial to successful site interpretation. We design with accessibility and durability in mind, creating panels that enhance interpretive and recreational experiences.

Digital Experience Design

Advances in museum technology open doors to immersive and interactive experiences, but story comes first. We’ll work with you to incorporate technology that best communicates messages and engages your audience.

Universal Design & Accessibility

Equal access matters. By designing exhibits that accommodate a wide range of abilities, we make spaces more welcoming for all. Whenever possible, we incorporate principles of Universal Design, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility guidelines, and the Smithsonian Guidelines for Accessible Exhibition Design.

What we offer

  • Audience evaluation
  • Collaborative, community-focused workshops
  • Concept, theme, and storyline development
  • Exhibit design
  • Interpretive plans
  • Interpretive writing and content research
  • Interactive and multimedia design
  • Project and fabrication management
NAI Certified Interpretive Planners
Master Interpretive Managers

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