NAI Conference 2019: Accessible Exhibits

In November, Media & Design Manager, Chris Evans presented at the National Association for Interpretation’s Conference in Denver, Colorado. Together with co-presenter Stefania Van Dyke, Senior Interpretive Specialist with the Denver Art Museum, they provided a framework for incorporating accessible design into exhibits. Using illustrative examples relevant to a range of parks and museums, practical elements of universal design were explored, such as tactile elements, audio, and multimedia.

Knowing where to start planning for accessibility is important. Also crucial is asking the right questions. Universal design features can be incorporated for a wide range of learning styles, abilities and diverse backgrounds and multi-generational family groups. Placement, context, and environment all play a role in successfully conveying a story to a broad audience. With thoughtful planning, one can create engaging exhibits designed for multi-generational, multisensory-attuned, and culturally and linguistically diverse audiences.

To learn useful tips and best practices for reaching your audience within your organization’s available resources, download the presentation below:

Chris Evans is the Media & Design Manager at 106 Group, an award-winning exhibit and cultural resources management firm. Chris selects, tests, and builds the best media to convey its intended message, placing great emphasis on providing accessible and engaging content for a broad audience through innovative and interactive means.