Erin Que

Sr. Architectural Historian

As a senior architectural historian, Erin leads reconnaissance and intensive architectural history surveys, historic context studies, design review, and local designation studies. Her work supports local preservation goals and ensures compliance with Section 106 and state cultural resources regulations. She has also prepared Minnesota Historic Property Records and HABS Level II documentation as part of mitigation efforts. Erin’s attention to detail, thorough research skills, and narrative writing result in comprehensive and accurate reports for both technical and lay audiences. These skills also guide her interpretive writing for wayside exhibits and audio descriptions for state and national parks, making the stories accessible to a wide audience. Erin’s experience in project management and customer service results in projects that are completed on time, within budget, and to the client’s satisfaction.


  • Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards in Architectural History and History
  • Qualified principal investigator to conduct architectural history and history work in North Dakota
  • Qualified consultant of the Minnesota Department of Transportation for architectural history and history