Planning & Engagement

Collaboration welcomes viewpoints to the table.
Whose voices influence decisions in your project?
Our skilled facilitators lead the way.

Consensus Building
& Public Involvement

Participation is central to our work. We empower clients to fulfill their planning and regulatory commitments through process design, facilitation, and evaluation. Through our principled, effective, and adaptable approach, we guide process sponsors and stakeholders through outcome-oriented meetings, workshops, and online engagement.

Conflict Resolution

Dialogue can cultivate common ground. We help participants work together to view issues through different perspectives. With trained mediators and members of the National Roster of Environmental Conflict Resolution Professionals on staff, we provide alternative dispute resolution to facilitate successful resolution between groups.

Cross-cultural Collaboration

We believe diverse perspectives results in more equitable—and ultimately more successful—projects. We embrace cultural competence, mutual gain, and process co-design in our partnerships with tribal, descendant, and non-culturally dominant communities. 106 Group offers expertise in planning, organizational assessment, and training to make this a reality.

Cultural Tourism Planning & Placemaking

A one-of-a-kind place can spur the economic growth of a community. But it takes experienced planning to transform the character of a place into an identity that resonates with everyone. Our creative team works with communities to identify valuable cultural resources and tell compelling stories. Together, we connect visitors to the legacy of place in sustainable, meaningful ways.

Strategic Planning

Strategy underpins all of our planning efforts in project development, implementation, and evaluation. We bring an ethnographic viewpoint to our work, prioritizing a culturally competent approach that values diversity and communication across barriers. Our strategic planning process ensures a commitment to feasibility and relevancy in outcomes.

What we offer

  • Communication planning
  • Dialogues
  • Facilitation, mediation, and
    conflict resolution
  • Fundraising & grant-writing
  • Mapping & promotional materials
  • Outreach and public engagement
  • Preservation planning
AICP Certified Planners

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