Cumberland Island National Seashore Exhibits

Cumberland Island National Seashore includes unspoiled beaches, dunes, marshes, and an array of interesting historic sites. Access to the island is by tour boat only, but a visitor center and courtyard sits on the mainland’s edge to welcome visitors. The park aims to tell the culturally rich stories of the area as well as educate people about its natural resources and encourage stewardship.
The team created nine wayside exhibits at the visitor center and courtyard, and one kiosk exhibit was created for the historic Alberty House at the north end of the island. These exhibits were accompanied by four bronze tactiles with braille and raised lettering, two material tactiles, a flipbook, a 2D layered map, and three custom illustrations.
The new exhibits educate visitors about some of the most unique landscapes and ecosystems in the world through rich, engaging visuals and concise interpretation. The Alberty House kiosk encourages audiences to engage with the cultural history of the island through tactile elements. It quite literally provides a 360-degree storied experience. The team successfully collaborated with NPS both in-person and virtually while remaining efficient, on-time, and on-budget.