Enventis Fiber Optic Line

Enventis proposed to install over 400 miles of fiber-optic cable throughout greater Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin to provide high-capacity broadband services for customers in rural communities.
Because the project received U.S. Department of Commerce funding, compliance with federal laws was required. We prepared a Section 106 compliant cultural resources assessment and an ethno-historical report per the request of the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes. The results enabled us to prepare the cultural resources portion of the Environmental Assessment (EA) in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act {NEPA). Our consultation work included Minnesota and Wisconsin SHPOs, and American Indian tribes, some as far away as Oklahoma, Michigan, and Montana.
Our work identified potential cultural resources impacts, which informed route revisions to minimize impacts. In addition, we helped the Department of Commerce navigate the complex consultation process to keep the project moving forward on schedule.