LSr, Southern Lights & Alberta Clipper Pipelines

ND, MN, & WI
The LSr, Southern Lights, and Alberta Clipper pipelines are parallel crude oil lines that run 326 miles across North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Enbridge Energy was required to collaborate with American Indian tribes to complete a cultural resources survey before pipeline construction could begin.
Our cultural resources survey identified, evaluated, and analyzed effects to archaeological sites, historic structures, linear resources, and landscapes. Prior to facilitating tribal monitoring, we led a corridor tour for THPOs and elders. We also drafted a Programmatic Agreement and a Comprehensive Report detailing its implementation.
All documentation for this multi-year, multi-jurisdictional project was completed on-time and within budget. Our systematic approach provided an efficient method for submitting required information to the Department of State and minimizing disruption to pipeline construction.
“It is my experience that the 106 Group has a well-earned reputation for
being a leader in cultural resources management.” –Enbridge Project Manager