Minneapolis African American Community Engagement

Minneapolis, MN
The City of Minneapolis received an African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund Grant through the National Trust for Historic Preservation to conduct citywide community outreach. These activities will inform a future comprehensive African American Historic and Cultural Context Study for the City of Minneapolis.
Judge LaJune Lange of Lange Johnson Development led community engagement with Antonia Apolinàrio-Wilcoxon of Equity Strategies, LLC. Six virtual meetings were held, each focused on different thematic areas. As a member of this team, 106 Group provided heritage preservation expertise. Using information collected by Judge Lange and shared in the meetings, we compiled a list of over 200 potential sites of significance to the African American community and developed a draft context outline. We also developed maps to identify the potential sites of significance.
The City of Minneapolis was pleased with the result, which will lay a robust foundation for the future context study. This outreach brought many community members into the conversation about how they want to see their heritage documented, honored, and preserved. Participants enjoyed learning aspects of their shared history and look forward to passing this information on to future generations.
Photo 1: Nellie Stone Johnson at NAACP office; Photo 2: Jimmie Slemmons, second from left, founded the Twin City Golf Club as an association of black golfers; Photo 3: Wayman AME Church; Photo 4: dancing at King Solomon’s Mines, Minneapolis’s first downtown R&B club; Photo 5: Nellie Stone Johnson, first African American elected official in Minneapolis.

Photos courtesy: Minnesota Historical Society, Hennepin County Library Digital Collections, and 106 Group.