Minnesota State Capitol Area Planning & Context Development

Saint Paul, MN
The Minnesota State Capitol, a revered historic landmark listed in the National Register of Historic Features Places (NRHP), holds a wealth of untold stories and hidden treasures within its walls. While extensive studies have been conducted on the Capitol building and its surroundings, less is known about the area before the development of the state government center and its neighboring spaces. 106 Group has accumulated extensive work experience at the Minnesota State Capitol over the years, including significant involvement in past archaeology surveys.
The Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) selected 106 Group to provide a cultural resources literature review, archaeological assessment, and a comprehensive historic context on the Capitol Area. The project was overseen by the Oversight Board of the Statewide Survey of Historical and Archaeological Sites, which includes the State Historic Preservation Office, Office of State Archaeologist, Minnesota Indian Affairs Council, and MNHS. 106 Group provided a research design outlining future survey stages, areas of focus, and methodologies for the Capitol Mall and surrounding study area.
These studies provide valuable data for future planning efforts, aid in identifying significant historical and archaeological sites, guide their evaluation according to NRHP criteria, and facilitate the preparation of NRHP evaluations. Moreover, future surveys would contribute to increased representation and recognition of historically underrepresented communities in Saint Paul, including people of color, individuals with disabilities, and members of immigrant communities, whose presence within the Capitol Area has often been overlooked or excluded from the historical record.