Montana State Park Preservation Planning

Montana State Parks (MSP) manages over 220 heritage resource sites throughout its 55 state parks, including seven National Historic Landmarks and 25 sites that are listed or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. In 2016, Parks operations staff began development of a Heritage Resource Strategic Plan.
106 Group provided expertise in program evaluation and strategic planning for heritage resources management. To inform the strategic planning process, we facilitated two meetings with MSP operations and park management staff and a final stakeholder meeting with eleven of MSP’s partner agencies and organizations. We analyzed meeting results to develop draft goals and recommendations for the strategic plan, with an emphasis on funding, partnerships, and improving statewide coordination.
Our work is informing development of a strategic plan that will guide MSP’s heritage resource program in preserving and interpreting the state’s rich cultural resources. In particular, stakeholders and park management reported a renewed commitment to working together in order to implement the plan’s partnership and funding priorities.