Ohiopyle Visitor Center Exhibit

Ohiopyle State Park, PA
Ohiopyle State Park draws more than 1.5 million visitors annually for rafting and views of the falls, but few know about the park’s other unique and wonderful settings. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Historic National Road Scenic Byway collaborated to construct a new visitor center to get people out exploring the park’s and region’s natural and cultural sites.
We led a collaborative team plan, design, fabricate, and install an integrated program of dioramas, media, tactile activities, and bold designs encompassing more than 5,000 square feet. This immersive exhibit covers two levels and is complemented by a series of exterior waysides.
The Ohiopyle State Park Office/Laurel Highlands Falls Area Visitor Center officially opened on June 11, 2015, to great acclaim from clients, funders, visitors, and press. Since its opening, the park reports that the exhibit’s primary goals are being met:
“Our team is ecstatic, our funders are thrilled, and the final product is just incredible. Best part – the visitors are interacting well with [the exhibits] too and asking for information upstairs on how to get to the places in the park that are highlighted in the exhibits. The ultimate goal!”

- PA DCNR, Division Chief Outdoor Programming Services, Division Bureau of State Parks