Recycling & Energy Exhibit

Ramsey County, MN
As a significant step towards improving the environment and achieving its vision to get the most value out of trash, Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy (R&E Center) has a new trash processing facility. The Center includes educational space primarily for elementary school children. The R&E Center’s long-term plan is to have engaging, interactive exhibits installed in this space. Due to budget constraints, the Center is taking a phased approach to achieve this end goal.
106 Group developed an exhibit concept plan and outlined a phased implementation plan for the build-out of future graphic signs and exhibit elements.
Initially conceived as graphic signs contained in one room, the end result was an interactive tour experience that guides visitors throughout the facility, explains how the facility works, and inspires individuals to take action in their own lives. Phase I implementation included the first round of graphic signage placed at key points along the tour. Future phases will include additional graphics, interactive elements, large sculptures, and audio components.