Rondo Restorative Development Neighborhood Area Plan

Saint Paul, MN
In partnership with ReConnect Rondo, the Restorative Development Neighborhood Area Plan is a community-driven plan for the Rondo neighborhood. ReConnect Rondo, a nonprofit organization, is spearheading this effort with a team of partners which includes 106 Group. The project team is developing a sustainable economic vision and restorative development approach for the Rondo neighborhood, in anticipation of the development of the Rondo Land Bridge
106 Group has played a crucial role in supporting the overarching objectives of the project. We are conducting research and analysis related to the existing resources and opportunities within the Rondo community, focusing on its rich history, vibrant culture, and thriving arts scene.
Through meticulous research, 106 Group identified key historical landmarks, cultural institutions, opportunities for public art, and community assets that contribute to the unique identity of the Rondo neighborhood. We helped to assess the significance of these resources in shaping the collective memory and sense of belonging among residents and how these elements can be integrated into the broader planning process. This work explores strategies for honoring Rondo’s past while celebrating its vibrant present and future, incorporating cultural heritage into restorative development initiatives, and leveraging public art in support of community building and cohesion.