Seminole Tourism Feasibility Study

The Seminole Tribe of Florida Tourism Feasibility Study is assessing the viability of increased visitation and tourism for the Big Cypress Reservation. The outcome of the project will benefit the Seminole Tribe of Florida by investigating potential opportunities for Big Cypress to become a competitive tourist attraction encouraging domestic and international visitors to spend time in a quiet, eco-friendly location that engages people of all ages.
Working closely with the Florida Seminole Tourism Department and other Big Cypress stakeholders, 106 Group is identifying, analyzing, and synthesizing audience and market data; assessing the market viability and economic potential of an expanded heritage tourism program; identifying opportunities to engage local and regional residents as well as other tourists; and exploring the benefits of a heritage tourism program for Big Cypress community members and other citizens of the Tribe.
106 Group is supporting the Tribe in exploring aspects of their unique history, culture, and traditions that could be highlighted through cultural outreach opportunities, partnerships, and events. The study will suggest how best to move forward with development of a more robust cultural tourism program, holistically informed by both business and community perspectives.