St. Croix State Park Exhibits

Hinckley, MN
At the confluence of the St. Croix and Kettle rivers, St. Croix State Park—Minnesota’s largest state park—offers visitors over 34,000 acres to explore. It includes unique cultural, historical, and natural resources. Visitors can experience picturesque river landscapes and an abundance of plant and animal species. The park was first developed as a Recreational Demonstration Area in the 1930s. It boasts the largest single concentration in the nation of New Deal projects listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
We worked with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to create new exhibits on the area where the St. Croix and Kettle rivers meet. The exhibits focus on connections between natural resources and cultural histories throughout human history. They are multi-sensory, interactive, and accessible. The exhibits direct visitors, specifically, diverse families with children, to locations in the park where themes may be further explored. Our in-house team collaborated with our exhibit fabricator subcontractor and an accessibility specialist.
The 1,200 square-foot exhibit hall features a forest of floor-to-ceiling exhibits for visitors to explore. At the gallery’s entry area, a multidimensional stylized scene shows some of the park’s wildlife. As visitors circulate through the exhibits, they find inspiring stories of nature and people. They lean in to watch a silent video, press a button to hear about the park in Ojibwe and English, and learn about animal adaptation through touch. Throughout, audio descriptions provide a parallel experience to accommodate all visitors.