Wakáŋ Tipi/Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary

Saint Paul, MN
Since 2001 through the present, 106 Group has worked in partnership with the Lower Phalen Creek Project, tribal representatives, City of St. Paul, National Park Service, and Environmental Protection Agency in the planning and restoration of land at Lower Phalen Creek in St. Paul.
Consisting of trails construction, brownfield clean up, and vegetation and wetlands restoration, this project studied and documented archaeological, historical, and cultural resources representing many centuries of human activity. Most notable was the preservation of Wakáŋ Tipi (Carver’s Cave)—of great significance to Native people—as well as the 19th century North Star Brewery.
106 Group assisted the city with all its historic preservation needs including drafting the Programmatic Agreement and conducting archaeological and traditional cultural places studies. We are now collaborating with the Dakota Community to nominate the area to the National Register of Historic Places and develop an interpretive plan for the Wakáŋ Tipi Center.
Wakáŋ Tipi Virtual Launch

October 12, 2020

Anne Ketz, 106 Group, and Franky Jackson, Prairie Island Indian Community, co-present on the timeline of their work at Wakáŋ Tipi.

Presentation from minute 41 – 52.