Regulatory & Process

Landscapes shift, buildings rise and fall. What’s the impact of change?
Our expertise in Section 106, NEPA, federal, state, and local laws helps you navigate the terrain.

Cultural Resources
Management & Planning

Neighborhoods hold gems from our past. Their unique historic and cultural resources have what we call “character”—a strong sense of identity. We provide planning expertise for rehabilitating and reusing these historic structures. By developing evaluation standards, preservation ordinances, and management strategies, we help create vibrant cities and towns that endure and thrive over time.

NHPA & NEPA Compliance

For over 20 years, 106 Group has supported clients through the Section 106 and NEPA processes. Working with or on behalf of government agencies, developers, communities, and Native American tribes, our team facilitates conversations, prepares programmatic agreements, and engages stakeholders in planning that fosters ownership of a process and its outcomes. We also assist in preparing federal and state environmental documents in support of development projects.

Risk Assessment &
Fatal Flaw Analysis

Before purchasing a property or embarking on new development, a risk analysis should review historical, cultural, and archaeological resources. Having this information can help you manage its impact on project schedules, designs, and budget. We employ a staged approach to inform the planning process, facilitate decision-making, and ease implementation. Additionally, our team develops potentiality models based on initial archaeological data and landform analysis.

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What we offer

  • Certified DBE Small / Woman-owned Business
  • Agreement documents
    (MOA, MOU, PA)
  • EA/EIS for Cultural & Native American sites
  • Risk assessment/fatal flaw analysis
  • State environmental documents and/or NEPA/NHPA Compliance
  • Expert witness
  • Third party review
  • Tribal consultation support
Registered Professional Archaeologists
Staff meet Secretary of Interior's Standards

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