The Reemergence of a Community

With the recent killing of George Floyd, the Twin Cities and 106 Group are at the physical center of a nationwide and worldwide conversation on race and justice. Many were surprised to see our community become center stage for a national debate on the racial injustice that persists in our nation. Others weren’t, many of whom have long experienced the discrimination and oppression that pervades American culture.

At 106 Group, we frame our work around People, Place, and Time. As professionals who have spent our careers uncovering, interpreting, and documenting culture, we are witnessing what we believe is an unprecedented time in our history. Over the coming weeks, we will document how this national discussion is being reflected in what we are seeing in the streets of our own communities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. We are eager to be a part of our community’s reemergence from the past weeks and to understand its potential cultural meanings for our future.

All photos provided by Jackson Rudquist, Matt Schillerberg, and Scot Nortrom