Preparing a Zip file for Upload

Preparing a Zip File to Upload

Follow these instructions to prepare one .zip file, perhaps with sub-folders to sort information. This process allows efficient uploads and organized files.

  1. First, create a main folder to temporarily store your files:
    Windows desktop folder icon with a label Main Folder
  2. Then, inside that folder create sub-folders as necessary. Consider sorting by topic, location, panel, etc. Consider the best structure for your project and upload.
    Screenshot of sub-folders inside a larger folder
  3. Add your files to sub-folders as desired. Common file types are .tiff, .jpg, .docx, etc.
  4. Next go back to the main folder. Right-click and choose “Send to” and then “Compressed Zip Folder”
    Windows Main Folder with a right-click window open, selecting Sent To item, opening a new drop-down list with Compressed (zipped) Folder selected.
  5. Windows will zip up the folder. Rename the folder with a useful name, perhaps with the project name and your name.
    A windows zip folder named My Project Name - My
  6. Use this .zip folder when uploading.