Ohiopyle Visitor Center

Ohiopyle State Park draws more than 1.5 million visitors annually for rafting and views of the falls. But underappreciated opportunities for adventure abound across the park’s 20,500 acres and throughout the Laurel Highlands Region. The Pennsylvania DCNR sought exhibits for a new visitor center that would move people around the park and beyond. Enter the 106 Group.

We successfully lead a collaborative team to design, fabricate, and install an integrated program of dioramas, media, sculptural waysides, and bold ideas encompassing more than 5,000 square feet.

The Ohiopyle State Park Office/Laurel Highlands Falls Area Visitor Center officially opened on June 11, 2015 to great acclaim from clients, funders, visitors, and press. Even in the limited time it’s been open, the park reports evidence that the exhibit’s primary goals are being met: “Visitors are interacting well with [the exhibits] and asking for information upstairs on how to get to the places in the park that are highlighted in the exhibits—the ultimate goal!”

To learn more about the exhibits, check out a behind-the-scenes look at the artistic fabrication process with our partner Blue Rhino Studio, a time-lapse installation video, and news coverage of the opening ceremony.

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, National Road Heritage Corridor, Blue Rhino Studio, BPI, and Argentine Productions.

“ … just marvel at the artistry.” –Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation newsletter

“Our team is ecstatic, our funders are thrilled, and the final product is just incredible.” –Division Chief, DCNR

“That a three-year-old can go downstairs and find something to day and then take it outside… it’s marvelous.” –Funding partner

“Everyone brought their best game. This is a model.” –Secretary, DCNR


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