Stillwater Landmark Sites

The City of Stillwater developed this innovative program to encourage preservation of
the City’s valuable stock of historic homes. The program encourages residents to adopt
preservation best practices by showcasing premier examples of preserved and restored
historic homes.

We assisted the Stillwater Heritage Preservation Commission with the development of
a database and data collection points, designed a new website linked to the information
in the database, and developed marketing materials to educate residents about the
program and proper maintenance of historic homes. Architectural historians from
the 106 Group also conducted a survey of 69 properties and wrote the descriptions
of the homes that now appear on the website.

The Stillwater HPC was awarded a 2014 National Alliance of Preservation Commission
Excellence Award for Best Practices: Public Outreach/Advocacy for Historic Resources
Public Education Programs. The Heirloom Homes and Landmark Sites program
was recognized as an excellent example of how cities and heritage preservation
commissions can encourage the adoption of best practices.

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