David Ketz

CFO & General Manager

David is an entrepreneur and visionary who excels at finding out-of-the-box solutions to complex problems. He is a world traveler and advocate for building local sustainable economies that support historical and cultural places. David built an award-winning heritage consulting firm, the 106 Group, where he has served as CFO and General Manager for 30 years. He has broad experience with cultural planning projects and is an expert member of the ICOMOS Cultural Tourism Committee, and a founding member of the American Cultural Resources Association. Key projects include economic development planning for the Cherokee Nation’s cultural tourism program, architectural review within a National Lakeshore, database development of historical records for a Dakota community, and archaeological work in India.

David has taken significant civic leadership roles in organizations, including a working capital fund for disadvantaged businesses, a multi-ethnic community church, the American Cultural Resources Association, and the Twin Cities Steering Committee of the American Heritage Rivers Initiative. David applies his vision and entrepreneurial skills to cultural tourism projects that require a balance between respecting the identity of a community while promoting the community’s assets to achieve economic development goals.